Beulah Education Foundation Grant Program

What is the purpose of the Beulah Education Foundation Grant Program?

The mission of the Beulah Education Foundation is to raise monies to support and enhance education opportunities of the Beulah School District.

Goals of the Foundation are:

  • To provide a revenue for new and innovative educational materials and /or programs that promote excellence in education
  • To assist in enhancements and improvements to educational facilities and needs of students
  • To support and improve the faculty and instruction for students and work with the goal of improving overall academic excellence.
  • To provide an ongoing scholarship fund for high school graduates who desire a post-secondary education. 

What is the fund amount available?

Each year a portion of general fund monies along with fundraising proceeds and a portion of interest earned from the endowment fund balance are available for grants.  $5,000.00 has been budgeted for 2020-2021.

Who may apply for funds?

Funds are provided for the benefit of Beulah Public School: therefore, only administrators and educators may submit grant applications to serve the needs of Beulah School District and Beulah Public School students. 

What is the application process?

Complete the grant application.

Application deadlines are August 1 and December 1 of every year.  If funds have not been awarded by grant deadlines, late applications will be accepted.

The applications will be reviewed within 30 days of the deadline and awarded within 45 days of the deadline.

Applicants will receive written or verbal confirmation if their application is accepted. If the application is denied applicants will receive written information as to why it was not approved.

Projects that will not be funded:

Projects that could or should be provided by the Beulah Public School District will not be funded.  It is not the intent of the Beulah Education Foundation to fund projects that are the responsibility of the Beulah Public School District.  The Foundation will no longer fund classroom furniture.  Building principals will screen grant applications in order to determine whether they should be paid by the building budget or are considered a school district responsibility.  Meal expenses will not be funded.

Keep in mind:

Projects should include sustainability if start-up funds are requested.

Projects should impact multiple students.

Project should ideally be completed within a year.

Equipment purchased with Foundation funds will be owned by the district, with the grant writer having priority use.  When possible, equipment should be shared with colleagues to maximize utilization. 


All copies of invoices must be submitted by the applicant to the Foundation for reimbursement within one (1) month of the grant award.   Lodging reimbursement may be granted up to the current state rate.  Funds will be dispersed upon submission of an invoice and/or expense report. Applicants are asked to submit photos of students using the grant project and complete an assessment report of the project to use in newsletters and Foundation reports also within two (2) months.